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UmrahAcademy is the first of its kind, a completely online course that educates and trains professionals in the Umrah industry. This course educates pilgrims on all aspects of Umrah travel so that they can become Umrah Consultants. Our Umrah Academy graduates are called Umrah Consultants; travel consultants with their detailed understanding of the Muslim pilgrimage space become able to help pilgrims book their dream Umrah trip as well as other perks.


Ahmad Salman

Senior Instructor

Ahmad Salman has been employed at leading Umrah OTA Funadiq.com and UmrahCompanions for over half a decade. With years of experience in the Muslim travel space and digital education, Ahmad has worked with Funadiq.com and UmrahCompanions.com to deliver the first-of-its kind training program for Muslim travel professionals.

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At Umrah Companions our main purpose is to make Umrah accessible to everyone and Umrah Academy helps to do just that.

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